NativeForms — How to handle custom domains with CNAME record

In this article I am going to describe step-by-step how to create custom domains for your forms created in NativeForms.

TL:DR -> Create subdomain in your DNS that points to

Having custom domains for your forms may be crucial for your company. That’s why I created a dedicated server that handles that.

Let’s say the current address to your form is:

You can easily change it to:

I am going to show how to set it up, using GoDaddy.

  1. First we open our domain and go to the Manage DNS section.
  2. From there we click on the ADD button on the bottom of the list.
  3. We select type CNAME and for the host we enter the name of the subdomain we want to use, for example: forms
  4. As “Points to” we provide value:
  5. For TTL value we can set 1 hour.
  6. We save the changes and that’s it!

Now you can access your forms at:

Remember to pass unique pathname for each form. It store unique ID of the form. If you want to avoid that you can download HTML version of the form and host it on your server.

PS. If you have problems with the SSL certificate please start a conversation with us inside NativeForms dashboard or email at as

Thank you and see you in NativeForms.